Version whatever

It has been a number of years since was actually working last, in my last version I wanted to write about a variety of topics but it didn’t really work out, things went more towards media and reviews, at the time it was fine. I have lost counts of how many versions of the site there has been and it no longer really matters.

I had a few constant struggles last time, I wanted to write about a variety of topics and views however I also wanted to site to find an audience – it was for the audience rather than myself.

This time around I won’t be apologetic in not posting too regularly, I won’t try to make the site for anyone except for myself as after all, it is a glimpse into my world.

Right now on this planet there are a number  of things that need discussion, my views will be here for anyone who may want to read them and like anything else, my views are subject to change.

After saying all of that I do hope I connect with an audience on this version and that the site finds its place on this planet.

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